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About the course

What courses do you offer?

You can choose from over 75 courses in 7 categories. From a side hustle to beauty to event planning, you can find a course that interests you in our course library.

Can I see the course syllabus?

To see the course syllabus, go to the page for the course in which you are interested. Click the Lessons tab and you will be able to read the syllabus.

Do I need prior knowledge of the subject to take a course?

No. Our courses are created for students who are beginners in the subject, so you do not need any previous knowledge. The courses take you through all the basics you need for a great foundation in each subject. No formal qualifications are required

Are your courses accredited?

Open Academy courses are independently accredited by the International Council for Online Educational Standards. You can be assured that our courses meet the highest standards for online education. International Open Academy is a recognized member of

What is the course format?

Courses are either video, text, or a mix of both. Exam questions are multiple choice and true/false.

What is the process for taking a course?

Everything you need is online, on your Virtual Campus. Once you register on our website, you have 12 months to activate your course. Once you activate your course, you’ll be able to access your Virtual Campus and begin studying. Our courses come with

Who designed the course?

All IOA courses are created by an international team of professional online educators and subject matter experts with years of experience. You can benefit from a wealth of hands-on knowledge and get the inside track on working within the industries

Do your beauty courses include supplies?

Our courses do not include any supplies. During the course, the instructor may share a list of items that they use and give recommendations of products that students might find helpful.