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Why do I have to save course pages?

In order for our system to track your course progress, we ask you to click the Save and Continue button at the bottom of each course page. This will trigger your course progress details to be updated. Your course progress must show 100% in order to

How do I check my course progress?

The overall course progress percentage is displayed in the course panel of your Virtual Campus. To see your progress percentage for each course module or exam, click either of the progress bars. If the particular module is not fully completed, you

How do I retake my exam if I failed it?

If you have failed the module (received a score of less than 55% in the module exam), you only need to resit enough questions within that failed exam to achieve a score of 55%. We recommend you review the details of your exam results carefully before

How do I take my exams?

To take the exam please click on the Exams button to the right of the Study button on the course home page. If there is no exam section, it means that there is no exam for that module. Once you click Save and Continue you will not be able to change

How can I adjust the speed of the course videos?

When watching videos, you can speed up or slow down the playback rate, which is the speed at which your video will play. To open the speed control menu, click the gear icon in the lower right corner of the video. Under the speed menu, you can select

What are my final grades?

On completion of the course, the final score percentage is converted into one of the following grades: Pass: 55% - 64% Pass Plus: 65% - 74% Merit: 75% - 84% Distinction: 85% - 100% You can find this percentage on the top right side of the page in the

Where can I find the Resit button?

The Resit button can be found on the exam pages within the exam section. You will only see the Resit button if all pages within the module have been saved (study and exams) and the exam has been failed (a fail is a score below 55%). Within the exam

Can I resit some exams to improve my course score?

You will only be able to resit exam questions if you have failed the module by scoring less than 55% on the exam. If you pass the module, you can go back to each exam and check the correct answers by clicking on the Check results button at the bottom

How do I check my exam results?

On the top right side of the page in the course panel and the course pages, you will see a bar titled My overall score showing your results as a percentage. You can find the module by module exam results by clicking See details underneath the bar

Can I print the course materials?

Due to copyright, there is no option to download and print the course content.

Will I be able to access my course materials after my course expires?

You will not be able to access course materials after the course expires. If you would like to extend your study time, you can purchase time extensions of 12 months or lifetime access. You can see the extension offers here.

How do I extend my course?

Your course expires 60 days after you activate it. If you need more time, you can purchase an extension from your Virtual Campus by clicking the Extend course button and selecting the extension option you�re interested in. If you extend the course

Can I pause the course?

It is not possible to pause the course. You will have 12 months to activate your course from the date you register on our site, and then 60 consecutive days to complete the course from the date of activation. If you cannot continue with the course