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My course offer includes a Proof of Completion, how can I get it?Updated a year ago

If your course is purchased through an offer that includes a complimentary Proof of Completion; this document will be available for every course included in your voucher/offer (please check in the terms of the offer you purchased) 

Completing a course means completing each lesson and passing your exams with 55% (or above) on each module. 

Once you complete the course:

1- go to Transcripts > Redeem Transcripts

2 - On the next screen, you can select the completed course you would like to apply it to. 

3- Confirm your name and the address you would like the system to use on the Proof of completion. 
4- Your document will then be available to download under the "My Documents" folder. 

Keep in mind that:
-If you have more than one course completed, you must select it from a dropdown list showing all completed courses on our account. 
-You will receive a Proof of Completion for each course and you must redeem each individually.

Our customer service agents are happy to help if you have any difficulties. Contact them here.
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